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  • This Jewish pre-college program uses coding and cooking to build Jewish identity

    This story is sponsored by Brandeis University. WALTHAM, Mass. — Mary Pridgen is an innovation-minded teenager who doesn’t like to waste time. Volunteering in politics in Biloxi, Mississippi, Pridgen long had been vexed by a recurring problem: how to diplomatically extricate herself from meetings with long-winded people. So when she arrived at the Brandeis campus this summer for the technology track of a…

  • How the Jews nearly wiped out Tay-Sachs

    This story is sponsored by JScreen. Parents of children born with Tay-Sachs disease talk about “three deaths.” There is the moment when parents first learn that their child has been diagnosed with the fatal disease. Then there is the moment when the child’s condition has deteriorated so badly — blind, paralyzed, non-responsive — that he or she has…

  • In India, teaching about Israel can be considered ‘blasphemous’

    Prof. Rohee Dasgupta is an example of what can sometimes seem these days like an endangered species.

  • Op-Ed: Jews have special reasons to remember JFK on 50th anniversary of assassination

    Two lesser-known pieces of evidence shed new light on President Kennedy’s positive views of the American Jewish community.